Who Are We?

MMM, Mobile Maintenance Mechanics, was established as a Mobile car maintenance company, but with a tech twist. Most mechanics like to squeeze every dollar out of there clients preying on people and the simple complexities which make a car run. Seemingly impossible task for most, yet simple to the seasoned mechanic. He runs up your tab and bends you over. That's why we're here; we like to do things a little different.

We chose MMM because we were inspired by AAA ability to always take pride in helping people in some of there lowest moments. However, you don't need to be part of a club to call us, we'll always be there for you.

Here at MMM we pride ourselves as we constantly innovate, searching for ways to bring you higher quality products and service for a great price. Most mechanic shops only have one source of income, maintenance or repairs in there shop, therefore cost begin to rise because even when the shop isn't working they have expenses which get past down to everyone else and even when the mechanic is busy they decide to raise rates.

This is why we began MMM, we believe in empowering people and we understand inflation is hitting everyone hard so we searched for long and hard to mitigate the prices associated with a regular auto shop and pass the savings down to our customers. No this doesn't mean compromising quality,  Instead we ditched the shop and come to you, not only saving money, but something even more valuable. Time and ease. Then came the big change, we launched our line of quality products such as useful tools and some pretty cool merch for home mechanics all over the world. 

I'd like to give a thank you for everyone who has made this store possible, your now part of the MMM family!